Share Class Breakdown

BridgeFort Capital has deviated from the traditional fund structure by creating different classes of shares with underlying assets under each class, and placing all of these classes, as well as the fund manager, under one legal entity. Each class has underlying assets and economic rights that focus on specific elements of production, manufacturing or services as zoned in that class and as such, each class will have its own unique economic focus containing BridgeFort’s stakes in various previously unlisted businesses. Below we detail our current Share Classes and their respective Portfolios.

Class A:

This class holds the underlying asset that was previously separately listed as Medtech Holdings Limited and represents the FMCG underlying economic interests. Any future similarly structured FMCG businesses will be placed in the same class of shares. MedTech Holdings seek to grow their business and the number of agencies that they have within it. BridgeFort shall continue to play a role through board representation to move the business forward to create value for class A shareholders.

Class B:

Class B currently holds a free carry of USD100 000 Medtech Distribution receivable and will house a different section of underlying economic interests for  previously unlisted businesses with similar objectives and underlying economic interests. BridgeFort Capital is in the process of seeking a viable asset purchase for a well performing unlisted business, subject to shareholder approval to kickstart the categorization of the Class B Portfolio.

Class C and D:

The Class C and D shares represent ownership of the Economic Rights to portfolios within which future acquisitions will be housed.

Class A Portfolio:

Zvemvura Trading (Pvt) Ltd – Distribution of FMCG products

  • https://www.medtechholdings.co.zw/distribution/
  • Status: Active

Chicago Cosmetics (Pvt) Ltd – Manufacturers of personal care products

  • https://www.medtechholdings.co.zw/chicago/
  • Status: Active

As well several non trading entities.

MedTech Holdings Limited Group
MedTech Holdings currently consists of two main operating entities, Zvemvura Trading (Private) Limited trading as MedTech Distribution and Chicago Cosmetics (Private) Limited. MedTech Distribution is a trading, distribution and marketing company. The basic function of the company is to source, market and distribute health, beauty and personal hygiene products from both the local and international markets. MedTech Distribution supplies all major retail chain stores and wholesalers around Zimbabwe.
Chicago Cosmetics is the manufacturing arm of the group and their main function is to produce a number of personal hygiene products under licence from the Group’s principal supplier, AMKA. They are currently manufacturing Satiskin Bubble Bath, Clere Petroleum Jelly & Glycerine, Babyline Petroleum Jelly, Chicago Candles, Sofn’Free relaxers and Easy Waves relaxers.
MedTech Distribution represents a number of brands such as Satiskin, Clere, Mousson, Shower to Shower, Indomie, Sofn’Free, Easy Waves, Bump Patrol, Gold Series, Cuticura, Jabu Stone, Top Society, Trigz, Himalaya Herbals and Inecto.

Class B Portfolio:

The Class B Portfolio holds the Distribution Receivable relating to the sale of the Property, owned by Zvemvura Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of MedTech Holdings, and any proceeds from the sale of the Placement Shares in the Class B Portfolio.

The BridgeFort Board has a general authority from shareholders to issue up to 20,000,000 Class B Shares at a minimum subscription price of the ZWL equivalent of USD 0.10 per share.